"Camp Lejeune.

Death Investigation: Paradise Point"



People like Ann Buckhalter, the wife of a retired Marine lieutenant colonel, often stay at the Bachelor Officers' Quarters when they return to Camp Lejeune to visit friends or shop at the Exchange. But their bodies don't end up floating in the nearby New River.

When Special Agent Fran Setliff and her Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) team investigate Ann's murder, they soon discover that more than one person's life has been simplified by the victim's death.


As Fran delves into Ann's background, she begins to glimpse the unsavory things that can go on behind the camouflage curtain: racial and gender discrimination, unethical medical practices, sexual indiscretions. In her position as a freelance journalist for the local civilian newspaper, Ann was in a position to ruin more than one promising military career. But who killed her?


(Originally published under the title "B.O.Q.")

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     This look into the NCIS investigation of a triple homicide at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune , includes  an exclusive update and previously unpublished photographs. Available in ebook and paperback formats from Diversion books.






























“Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs, Margaret Maron—make room for another great North Carolina mystery writer, N. P. Simpson. Special Agent Fran Setliff is sure to become a major new sleuth.”

-Jerry Bledsoe, author of Bitter Blood



“Gripping. Intriguing. A terrific debut by a first-class writer. Should top the Best First Novel mystery lists.”

-Carolyn Hart, author of Dead, White, and Blue and Death at the Door



“N. P. Simpson's vivid prose plunges the reader into the politically fraught, self-contained world of a military base. A homicide investigation here is both similar to and completely different from anywhere else.”

-Linda Landrigan, editor, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine



"Simpson introduces an appealingly tenacious heroine in her first mystery ... Simpson uses her experience as a military spouse and a journalist to vividly depict camp life and the manifold pitfalls contained in “conduct unbecoming.”"

-Publishers Weekly



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"GUANTANAMO. Death Investigation: Camp Kreyol"

 Second in the NCIS Special Agent Fran Setliff series.



     Three world-changing events converged in the Caribbean in 1991: the disintegrating Soviet Union was withdrawing from Cuba; Haitians were fleeing their country after a military coup; and the HIV epidemic seemed unstoppable.  In response to the Haitian crisis, the US set up a humanitarian operation on Guantanamo Naval base that soon housed more than 5,000 Haitians. GTMO: Camp Kréyol is a novel set among actual events that culminated in a three-day riot at one of the camps. To quell the riot -- which included voodoo ritual and an improvised “armory,” of metal tent posts -- the operation’s commanding general had to call in a contingency team of Marines from Camp Lejeune. 

     Newbie NIS Special Agent Fran Setliff thinks she has been sent to Guantanamo Naval Base to investigate travel-voucher fraud. After she arrives, she learns that her job also will include discreetly tracking down rumors of sexual assault inside the Haitian camps. That assignment turns into a death investigation when the body of a female refugee is found in one of the camp’s portable toilets. The dead woman’s real name and nationality, as well as her real reason for being in the camp, require Special Agent Setliff to draw on her counter-intelligence training and to put her own life at risk. She is taken hostage, forced into the mined no-man's-land that borders Guantanamo and becomes part of a ghoulish and secretive prisoner exchange.






                                 Photos by Nathan S. Webster